Cardano Staking Pool

CloudStruct is running a production grade Cardano staking pool under ticker


Our pool is dedicated to supporting decentralization of the Cardano blockchain to help protect online privacy and rights. This is why we support the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) with donations from our pool operator rewards.

To reward our delegators, we have several rewards programs.

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Live Stats

  • Live Stake: 176.32k ADA

  • Epoch Blocks: 0

  • Lifetime Blocks: 201

  • Delegators: 1

  • Saturation: 0%

  • Active Stake: 182.83k ADA

  • Return of ADA: 3.49%

  • Pool Pledge: 10k ADA

  • Costs (Fixed): 340 ADA

  • Costs (Margin): 1%

About Us.

We started CloudStruct after working for over 30 years combined on a variety of large scale SaaS infrastructures. Combining the lessons learned with modern methodology we believed we could provide unparalleled managed infrastructure solutions. With most companies turning to cloud providers like Amazon to manage the hardware end of infrastructure, CloudStruct offers to match that experience for the infrastructure software. We provide a DevOps as a Service model that enables your company to free up time to focus on your product. CloudStruct has a proven method for developing custom fit infrastructure as code, this means automated building and scaling of cloud infrastructure, containerizing applications, enabling continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines, and metrics gathering/analysis for an evidence based approach to designing for your growth.

Our Process.

We intend to use our expertise and advanced cloud automation framework to run highly available crypto services. Stay tuned as build out our offerings beyond staking pools and into hosted staking services.

Our Approach.

We approach our cryptocurrency endeavors with the same principals as our typical DevOps As A Service business model. Security is ALWAYS first. Combined with automation for testing, repeatable builds, and deployment we can ensure highly available and redundant services which you can trust and rely on.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to make professional enterprise level architecture and reliability available to the crypocurrency masses with the click of a button.

Our Objective.

At CloudStruct we want to remove the barrier for being an expert in systems, networking, databases, and cloud architecture in order to run your own cryptocurrency services.